Green Business Consultancy has developed a sustainability software platform called GreenKPI to provide organisations practical step by step guidance on improving efficiencies, reducing costs, monitoring resource use and sustainability reporting.

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GreenKPI delivers sustainability data, plans, monitoring and reporting solutions for every budget. Tailor-made solutions for large corporations are based on the platform available for small businesses on subscription plans.

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Set your target KPIs with GreenKPI

  • Task driven efficiency gains
  • Reduce resource use and costs
  • Build brand loyalty with automated sustainability reporting

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What We Do

Green Business delivers cost savings and value creation through environmental strategies to build competitive advantage.



Green Business supports organisational efficiency gains through the application of  GreenKPI to automate measuring, action plans, monitoring and sustainability reports.


Supply chain management is an essential component in managing sustainable organisations. Shifts in resource availability and pricing impact operations. Regulatory compliance and financial institutional trends demand continual scrutiny. Consumer preferences for sustainable options are growing at a steady pace. Green Business does the work of keeping up with the rapidly shifting sands of sustainability in business operations.


Customer, staff and community engagement on sustainability raises brand value as a preferred business and employer.
Engagement strategies on sustainability with stakeholders contribute to positive perceptions of products and services.


Time is a commodity in short supply. Green Business relies on the automation capabilities of GreenKPI to upload data from online accountancy programs for measuring and to produce sustainability reports based on planned and completed action plans.


Efficiency gains

Increase revenues with brand elevation

Risk mitigation

Action plans for enhanced value chain sustainability

Trend tracking


Sustainability assessment

Benchmarking KPIs

Identification of sustainability issues

Sustainability monitoring systems

Short and long-term sustainability action plans: 1 year, 2 year and 5 year

Sustainability business risk and opportunity identification

Stakeholder mapping

Regulations and compliance

Corporate Social Responsibility engagement and reporting

Local business and community engagement

Sustainability reports


Monitoring system guidance and interaction

Staff mobilization and engagement with sustainability initiatives

Staff recruitment, retention, welfare and productivity


Relationship impact matrix with stakeholder mapping

Corporate Social Responsibility

Local engagement options and strategies

Proactive customer engagement


Green Business provides an expert sustainability consultant, if required on-site, to implement your GreenKPI platform.

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